The best no or low maintenance fence options

What comes to mind when you see a white picket fence? A perfect family with 2.5 kids and a dog? The Leave it to Beaver era? Constructing a fence around your home offers a feeling of safety and security, but many people worry that a fence may be too expensive or high-maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of low-maintenance fence options to consider for your house. Every family deserves to feel safe, and FenceWorks NW is committed to building durable, long-lasting fences in Southwest Washington.

Low maintenance fence ideas for your home

Trying to choose the best low-maintenance fence? Look no further! At FenceWorks NW, we have three types of long-lasting, maintenance-free fences for you to choose from. We meticulously hand trowel every wooden fence post minimizing contact with dirt and damp conditions in order to increase the lifespan of every fence we build.

Vinyl fencing

If you’re looking for a long-lasting white picket fence, vinyl is the way to go. Even in the worst conditions (and we know that Washington’s wet climate is not ideal for most wooden fences), long-lasting vinyl fences will never rot, yellow, rust, warp, splinter, or peel. You won’t need to sand, stain, or paint– just spray your vinyl fence with a hose to reveal its original beauty.Vinyl is made of long-lasting plastic and comes in a variety of colors and textures. Choose a smooth plastic, or opt for a vinyl that emulates wood grain for a faux-wood white picket fence. Your aesthetic is limited by your imagination. Vinyl can be constructed as a privacy fence to create a secure boundary around your home, or as a decorative, open-picket design.

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Wondering about the versatility of vinyl? It’s among the most versatile types of low-maintenance fencing. If your home is on a hill, vinyl can be easily cut to follow the slope of your yard.Most vinyl fences last several decades, so while the upfront cost is higher than a traditional wooden fence, the long-term cost is far lower. When you choose strong and durable vinyl fencing, you’ll never lose a piece to a lawnmower or weed-eater.

Chain link fencing

While a vinyl fence is the most long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing option, it’s a substantial financial investment. If you’re on a budget, you’ve got options with FenceWorks NW.When you’re in the market for practical, affordable, and durable fencing, chain link fencing is the best choice. Chain link fencing is a safe way to keep children or pets secured in your yard, while keeping them separated from people and other pets passing by your home. Galvanized or colored chain link fencing is an attractive, low-cost, long-lasting fencing option. With a minimal investment, your home and family will be protected for many years to come.

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Fence Repair

Galvanized chain link

For a basic chain link fence, galvanized coating protects against the elements and maintain their silvery sheen for up to two decades. Chain link fences are the top choice of new homeowners who need a fence that’s affordable and can be constructed quickly.

Colored chain link

Colored chain link fencing and black vinyl coated chain link. offers all the security features of a galvanized chain link fence with a nicer aesthetic. We recommend choosing a black chain link fence for great views– both of the fence and of the surrounding landscape.

Cedar fencing

If you have your heart set on a wood fence, you may think you’re destined to deal with a high-maintenance fence. While most wood is prone to rot in damp conditions, the unique properties of cedar make this type of fencing the lowest maintenance wood fence. Cedar is naturally weather-resistant, while repelling bugs– a great combination for Southwest Washington.The team at FenceWorks NW sources our cedar planks from sustainably managed forests and has constructed cedar fences that last 20 – 30 years. By combining outdoor screws and our signature method of hand troweling the base of every post, we construct fences that are designed to withstand years of wet weather. While you may need to re-stain your cedar fence to maintain a like-new appearance, the structure is built to last.

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When you choose FenceWorks NW, you’re choosing the company that values quality construction, friendly service, and impeccable design. If you know exactly what you want, great! We’ll help you build it. If you’re unsure which type of fence is the best fit for you, we’ll provide a free consultation and estimate to make sure you get a fence that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Wood Fencing

Wood fencing offers privacy and security while maintaining a warm and elegant appearance. We take extra steps to extend the life of your wood fence including hand troweled concrete footings, hand selected lumber and coated outdoor screws.

Colored Chain Link

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are among the most practical, affordable, and durable fences for both residential and commercial application. Offerings includes galvanized, black coated, and even privacy slatted chain link fencing. We offer man gates, larger rolling and swing gates as well as barbed wire for increased security.

Farm Fencing

Farm Fencing Styles

Get the best of both worlds– wide open spaces and security with farm fencing that keeps pets in your yard without losing your uninterrupted views of the natural beauty around you.

Patio Covers & Pergolas

Patio Covers & Pergolas

Add some character to your backyard with a pergola that defines your entertaining area and adds a decorative element to your outdoor living space. Transform your yard with a gorgeous handcrafted pergola, and enjoy time with friends and family beneath the stunning structure.

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Vinyl Fencing

Looking for a low-maintenance wood fence option? Vinyl is a long lasting material option that will not rot and resist fading. Vinyl is available in a variety of colors and styles providing a low-maintenance fence that will look amazing for years to come.

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Other Services

Fenceworks NW offers a myriad of other services designed to create an outdoor living space you’ll love. Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll provide you with the perfect solution. Just ask and we will work with you to produce something just for your space.


When you choose FenceWorks NW, you’re choosing a legacy of high-quality, long-lasting fences. Are you ready to invest in a long-lasting fence? For a free quote on a vinyl, chain link, or cedar fence in Vancouver, WA, or a surrounding city, get in touch with FenceWorks NW today. We look forward to building a low-maintenance fence for you!

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5 ft. tall custom horizontal cedar fence featuring 3/4″ boards on 6 ft. span.

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5 ft. tall custom horizontal cedar fence featuring 3/4" boards on 6 ft. span.
Vinyl Fencing

To paint or to stain: the best way to protect your fence

Nothing beats that new fence or deck look. Freshly painted or stained wood is like Botox for your home– transforming a tired yard into a welcoming haven. Many of our customers ask us, “Is paint or stain the best way to protect my fence?” That’s a great question! The climate in the Pacific Northwest exposes your fence to high moisture levels, and choosing the most protective finish is an important decision.

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Wood Fencing

Galvanized nails vs coated outdoor screws

Nails and screws are the unsung heroes of the fence and deck industry. We talk a lot about the best type of wood to use for your planks–FenceWorks NW sources our cedar from a sustainably managed forest for a long-lasting fence or deck that’s good for the environment.

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Trusted in Southwest
Washington Since 2018

The experienced team at FenceWorks NW are the fence, deck, and covered patio experts in Vancouver and the surrounding areas in Clark County Washington. We would be happy to come by and provide a free comprehensive estimate.

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